Jeb Bush Not Only Outsourcing to SuperPAC-Also Using Secret Donor 501c4


A nonprofit group allied with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is playing a more expansive role in his current political operation than previously known, housing several top policy advisers expected to join his eventual campaign, according to people familiar with the structure.

At least four people with expertise on energy issues, foreign affairs and communications are working with Right to Rise Policy Solutions, a nonprofit advocacy group that can accept secret, unlimited donations from individuals and corporations.

Bush’s reliance on the nonprofit as he prepares for a likely presidential bid puts him on untested legal ground, cloaking who is paying the salaries of his expected advisers. But a polarized Federal Election Commission is unlikely to scrutinize the maneuver, campaign finance experts said.

Jeb the Destroyer is destroying even more.

Even if he does not get the nomination, he is blazing a very dangerous trail for others.

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