Special Issue on Top Two Primary from CJPP


Current Issue, Volume 7, Issue 1, 2015


Introduction: The California Top Two Primary
Sinclair, Betsy

The Top-Two, Take Two: Did Changing the Rules Change the Game in Statewide Contests?
Kousser, Thad

Why Voters May Have Failed to Reward Proximate Candidates in the 2012 Top Two Primary
Ahler, Douglas; Citrin, Jack; Lenz, Gabriel S

Winning from the Center: Frank Bigelow and California’s Nonpartisan Primary
Sinclair, J. Andrew

California’s Top Two Primary and the Business Agenda
McGhee, Eric

Googling the Top Two: Information Search in California’s Top Two Primary
Sinclair, Betsy; Wray, Michael

Voter Behavior in California’s Top Two Primary
Nagler, Jonathan


Why the Top Two Primary Fails California Voters
Maviglio, Steven

California’s Open Primary: Not an Open and Shut Case
Sragow, Darry

The Top Two Runoff – An Assessment
Quinn, Tony

The Open Primary: Toward A Legislature That Reflects the State
Naylor, Robert

The Top Two: Too Soon to Tell
Valentine, Zabrae

California’s Top Two Primary and the Challenge of Making Real Change
Cornu, Sharon

Disagreement is Evidence of Success
Fulp, Shaudi

Is California’s Top Two Primary Bad for Women Candidates?
Merrill, Katie

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