Judge Pleads Guilty to Taking Bribes Through Campaign Contributions

Arkansas Online:

He first came under fire beginning in March 2014, when he was revealed as the poster who anonymously made the comments, including posts violating the confidentiality afforded to actress Charlize Theron in her adoption case, and comments about sex acts, bestiality and divorce.

Soon after those revelations, questions arose about contributions Maggio’s campaign accepted from several political action committees financed largely by businessman and nursing-home owner Michael Morton, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette has reported.

Days after some of those donations were made, Maggio reduced a jury-awarded $5.2 million judgment against one of Morton’s nursing homes to $1 million.

Court papers didn’t identify Morton by name. But the documents did describe the person who made the contribution as an “Individual A” who was a “stockholder in numerous nursing homes” including in Faulkner County. A plea agreement also said Maggio accepted the payment “in return for being influenced to and induced to remit a $5.2 million judgment in a civil case to $1 million.”


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