Lawsuit Seeks Counting of Oregon Ballots Rejected for Lack of Signature Match

From Oregon comes news of a state lawsuit alleging that more than 4600 ballots have been wrongly rejected on the ground that voters’ signatures on ballot envelopes don’t match those on file.  These votes could conceivably be enough to swing the result of a ballot proposition that would require the labeling of genetically modified food.  Measure 92 trailed by just 812 votes after the initial canvass, triggering a statewide recount. Among the plaintiffs is a woman with limited use of her arms and legs who uses a stamp for her signature and reportedly “received a letter stating her signature didn’t match, but she didn’t respond because she assumed the letter was a mistake, given her longstanding disability, which she thought was well-documented in the county elections office.”  A TRO motion seeking to stop the certification of results was filed today and may be found here.


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