True the Vote Fundraising Appeal Predicts Noncitizen Voting, Citizens Turned into “Subjects”

Sigh (and the reference to “ammunition” is particularly disturbing):

Congress can talk of repeal, the states can talk of lawsuits; but while all the political sabers rattle in stereo, our attention is being diverted from the process failure that will skew American elections for generations to come.
We already know federal government databases are unstable. Now, millions of new names will soon be flooding into them. Our states are not prepared to deal with the coming influx of illegal aliens wanting social service programs including Medicaid, food stamps, welfare, taxpayer-funded credits and, of course, drivers’ licenses.  These programs are run independently and have few, if any, firewalls to ensure that noncitizens don’t end up as registered voters.
The co-mingling of citizens and noncitizens into databases with limited capacity for secure segmentation will result in noncitizens voting. Count on it. 
The 2014 election cycle showed us clear, repeated evidences of state limitations in segmenting data pools – case in point, North Carolina, where noncitizens were registered to vote while receiving drivers’ licenses.
Our country can handle just about anything.  But, when the votes of citizens can be diluted or negated by the fraudulent votes of noncitizens numbering in the millions, it is entirely possible that in the course of one election cycle we could find ourselves fundamentally transformed from citizens to subjects. 
True the Vote offers one of the few remaining ways that the voice of the American citizen voter can be both protected and strengthened.  Our biggest challenge is funding.  The courtroom battles and technology build-outs of 2014 prepared us to advance election integrity programs in ways never before seen.  So now, with your support, it’s time to take those technologies and messages on the road.  To states and counties, to local communities, to our fellow citizens.  We want to lay a clear course for citizen-led action – to equip you to protect the sanctity of your vote on all fronts, from neighborhood events to legislative sessions.
I don’t think I’ve ever asked for your help as emphatically as I am right now.  We are fighting on the front lines, but we are running out of ammunition at the worst possible time.
Words can never express how thankful we are for your past support.  Now, we are asking you to invest again in True the Vote and the work we do.  Please, click here and donate. Then, forward this message to your friends and ask them to donate, too.
If our elections aren’t truly fair, we aren’t truly free. Please contribute to the cause of freedom. If we don’t work together to protect our vote…who will? It’s up to us, working together.  And together, we really can True the Vote.
Thank you, again and as always, for your unwavering support.
Onward –
Catherine Engelbrecht
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