Top Ten Law Faculty in Election Law by Scholarly Impact, 2009-2013

Brian Leiter conducted a recent scholarly survey aimed at identifying the “ten most highly cited faculty for the period 2009 through 2013 in 11 major areas of legal scholarship: Commercial Law/Contracts/Bankruptcy; Corporate Law/Securities Regulation; Criminal Law & Procedure; Intellectual Property/Cyberlaw; International Law; Law & Economics; Law & Philosophy; Law & Social Science (excl. economics); Legal History; Public Law; and Tax. There is also an overall list of the ten most cited faculty regardless of area.”

I thought it might be useful to conduct a similar survey of election law scholars teaching in law schools. I used similar methodology to Leiter’s (the only real difference is that in the Westaw searches I included nicknames such as “Sam” given the common number of nicknames in the election law field).  I welcome corrections and additions.

Note also that a number of people on this list write and are cited in other areas. For example, Sam Issacharoff is cited often for his work in civil procedure.  Following Leiter, I included in this specialty listing those law professors people who appear to receive at least 75% of their citations in the election law field. [UPDATE: Leiter writes: “I suspect more than 25% of the cites to some of these folks are to non-voting rights scholarship, but I may be wrong.”]  Citations rounded to the nearest 10.


Rank Name Institution Total Citations
1 Samuel Issacharoff NYU 1040
2 Rick Pildes NYU 920
3 Pam Karlan Stanford (currently on leave to DOJ) 780
4 Rick Hasen UC Irvine 690
5 Richard Briffault Columbia 620
6 Heather Gerken Yale 480
7 Beth Garrett USC 450
 8 Nate Persily Stanford 420
9 Adam Cox NYU 330
10 Jim Gardner Buffalo 320
Highly cited scholars who work partly in election law:
Jonathan Adler Case Western 530
Sam Bagenstos Michigan 430

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