Report on Justice Sotomayor’s Talk @UCILaw with Dean Erwin Chemerinsky

I live-tweeted the talk today, and I’ve reposted the relevant tweets below the fold.

  1. 27m

    Interesting and inspiring conversation with J. Sotomayor @UCILaw with Dean Chemerinsky has concluded.

  2. J Sotomayor says important to humanize Court. We are a human institution. @UCILaw #SCOTUS J O’Connor her model

  3. J Sotomayor takes public role to show how she has overcome issues to help others. @UCILaw #SCOTUS

  4. J Sotomayor did not anticipate how great a burden it feels to be on court of last resort. @UCILaw #SCOTUS

  5. J Sotomayor feels part of conversation even when she dissents on Court. @UCILaw #SCOTUS

  6. J Sotomayor says we don’t have a wide variety of life experiences on current Court. @UCILaw #SCOTUS

  7. J Sotomayor: Background affects not necessarily judicial outcome but how opinions or dissents get written. @UCILaw

  8. Background of Justice sensitizes to human condition, J Sotomayor says talks of her cert statement on racist prosecutor case. @UCILaw

  9. J Sotomayor says she’s asked an awful lot how background affects how she decides cases. Look at law and facts

  10. J Sotomayor says Perry Mason taught her that judge was most important person in the room. Inspired her to be judge

  11. You have to be spontaneous if you want to develop your life — J Sotomayor to@UCILaw students.

  12. J Sotomayor: you should be looking for a job which gives value to you

  13. J Sotomayor to @UCILaw students on career: Don’t opt for the golden handcuffs. We get adjusted to way of life that requires money.

  14. J Sotomayor drawn to law by Nancy Drew, perry Mason–but not Hardy Boys. Diabetes prevented law enforcement career. @UCILaw

  15. J Sotomayor told Pres Obama that she would still be happy if she was not chosen for #SCOTUS @UCILaw

  16. J Sotomayor says “it became a need for me” to figure out “who Sonia was” leading her to write book before Court could change her @UCILaw

  17. Dean Chemerinsky jokingly suggests he should question J Sotomayor with 8 of his colleagues on stage @UCILaw

  18. Hoping to live tweet some of #SCOTUS Justice Sotomayor’s remarks in conversation w/ @UCILaw‘s Erwin Chemerinksy beginning 12:15 pm PST

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