“Campaign Lies Are Common, But Are They Actionable?”

Marcia Coyle writes for NLJ: “Everybody lies, particularly in political campaigns, says the cynical voter. But should laws restricting speech challenged as untruthful get First Amendment scrutiny? A national pro-life advocacy group would answer yes, and is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to clear the way for a constitutional challenge to an Ohio law criminalizing false statements in political campaigns.”

I’ve addressed the issues of the constitutionality of limits on campaign lies after US v. Alvarez in A Constitutional Right to Lie in Campaigns and Elections?

I will post the cert petition in Susan B. Anthony List v. Driehaus when I can find it.

This is one I will watch carefully, and one where I might actually be on the same side as Mike Carvin.  We’ll see when I read the petition.

UPDATE: Here is the cert. petition, which I look forward to reading.

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