Historical Quote of the Day or Why the Roberts Court’s Election Law Jurisprudence is Unsurprising

“The result is that 5-10 years from now, the ground rules for American political competition could undergo a major change. Within the next decade, we could well see deregulation of campaign financing, a limiting of Congressional power to impose national solutions to problems of minority voting rights, and an upholding of state power to redistrict for partisan gain and impose increasingly draconian election administration tools enacted in the name of fraud prevention. The ability of states to manipulate election rules for partisan gain may present the greatest danger, as the Court exits from that corner of the political thicket. For those who look to courts for the promotion of political equality, the signs are not encouraging.”

Rick Hasen, No Exit? The Roberts Court and the Future of Election Law, South Carolina Law Review (2006)

No one should be shocked that having a majority of conservative Justices on the Supreme Court makes a difference in the election law field. It is a natural development.

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