“More Information Emerges About IRS Targeting Of Tea Party Groups”


Last month, when news broke that the IRS had improperly targeted Tea Party groups for extra scrutiny, the original message from the IRS was that it was the work of a couple of rogue agents in the Cincinnati field office. Congressional investigators have been talking to those employees and generating hundreds of pages of transcripts.

Well, today, NPR’s Tamara Keith was able to look at the full transcripts of interviews with two IRS agents. And they appear to dispute that rogue agent description. Tamara joins us now from Capitol Hill. And tell us more about what exactly you got to read today.

TAMARA KEITH, BYLINE: So we got to read the full transcripts, a total of 360 pages of two interviews with agents in the Cincinnati office. These were interviews with congressional investigators.

You know, so far, we’ve seen snippets that have been released by Democrats and Republicans. And these snippets sort of fit the politics of what they were trying to show.

These transcripts are the full transcripts. And in some ways, they’re more nuanced. They’re also, in some ways, more mundane. You know, we get a lot of information about computer systems and things like that. But we do get a full view of at least what these two employees feel happened.

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