“What an ‘Originalist’ Would Understand ‘Corruption’ to Mean: The 2013 Jorde Lecture”

Larry Lessig has posted this draft on SSRN (forthcoming California Law Review).  Here is the abstract:

How we understand the “corruption” of Congress goes a long way to showing why, and how that “corruption” can be remedied. In this paper, Professor Lessig describes the originalist roots to his conception of “dependence corruption,” and shows why that conception is neither a version of “equality” nor inconsistent with modern First Amendment jurisprudence.

I am looking forward to reading this, as it continues a conversation on “dependence corruption” and political equality begun with my Harvard Law Review book review of Larry’s book, Republic, Lost, followed by Larry’s reply at the Harvard Law Review Forum, and continued with my Response to be published in the Election Law Journal.

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