Full List of Amicus Briefs Supporting Constitutionality of Voting Rights Act in Shelby County Case

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Full List of Amici Briefs Filed in Support of Respondent­Intervenors

1.   Covered Jurisdictions – States of New York, California, Mississippi, and North Carolina

2.   Members of the House Committee on the Judiciary – Reps. F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr., John

Conyers, Jr., Steve Chabot, Jerrold Nadler, Melvin L. Watt, and Robert C. Scott

3.   Ellen D. Katz and the Voting Rights Initiative at the University of Michigan Law School

4.   Former Government Officials – Dick Thornburgh, Drew S. Days, III, John R. Dunne, Bill Lann

Lee, J. Stanley Pottinger, Paul F. Hancock, James P. Turner, William R. Yeomans, and Gilda

R. Daniels

5.   Jurisdictions That Have Bailed Out – City of Kings Mountain, North Carolina; Washington

County, Virginia; and Larnie M. Flannagan, General Registrar of Voters, Essex County, Virginia

6.   Navajo Nation, Leonard Gorman, Anthony Wounded Head, Sr., and Oliver J. Semans, Sr.

7.   Alaska Federation of Natives, Alaska Native Voters and Tribes

8.   National Latino Organizations – Aspira, Dominican American National Roundtable/National Dominican American Council, Hispanic Federation, Hispanic National Bar Association, Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, LatinoJustice PRLDEF, MANA, Mexican American Legal Defense & Educational Fund, National Association of Hispanic Federal Executives, National Association of Hispanic Publications, National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Education Fund, National Conference of Puerto Rican Women, National Council of La Raza, National Hispanic Media Coalition, National Hispanic Medical Association, National Institute for Latino Policy, National Latino Institute for Reproductive Health, National Organization for Mexican American Rights, Inc., National Puerto Rican Coalition, Inc., Service, Employment, and Redevelopment, United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, United States Hispanic Leadership Institute

9.   Section 5 Litigation Intervenors – Texas State Conference of the NAACP, Mexican American Legislative Caucus, Rev. Peter Johnson, League of United Latin American Citizens, South Carolina State Conference of the NAACP, Family Unit, Inc., Dr. Brenda Williams, Kenyda Bailey, Florida State Conference of the NAACP, Sharon Carter, Howard Harris, Dianne Hart

10. Historians and Social Scientists – Chandler Davidson, Alexander Keyssar, Ira Katznelson, James Wayne Flynt, George Korbel, Nicolaus Mills, Minion K.C. Morrison, Richard M. Valelly, Michael McDonald, Lorraine Minnite, Orville Vernon Burton, James Loewen, David Richards, James E. Alt, Michael Jones­Correa, Rebecca J. Scott, David A. Bositis, Charles M. Payne, Lisa Handley, Paula McClain, Lorn S. Foster, Thomas Pettigrew, Michael Perman, Michael Benedict, Steven F. Lawson, Frances Fox Piven, Gracia Hillman, Peter H. Argersinger, Tova Andrea Wang, and Spencer A. Overton

11. Voting Rights Litigators – Joaquin Avila, Neil Bradley, Julius Chambers, U.W. Clemon, Armand Derfner, Jose Garza, Fred Gray, Robert McDuff, Rolando Rios, Robert Rubin, Edward Still, Ellis Turnage, and Ronald Wilson

12. Marcia L. Fudge, Member of Congress and Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, Rubén Hinjosa, Member of Congress and Chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and Judy Chu, Member of Congress and Chair of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, et al.

13. The Honorable Congressman John Lewis

14. Social Scientists – Richard L. Engstrom, Theodore S. Arrington, and David T. Canon

15. Election Law Professors – Gabriel Chin, Atiba Ellis, Christopher S. Elmendorf, Janai S. Nelson, Bertrall Ross, Daniel Tokaji, and Franita Tolson

16. Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law

17. Constitutional Accountability Center and Constitutional Law Scholars – Jack M. Balkin, Guy­Uriel Charles, Luis Fuentes­Rohwer, and Adam Winkler

18. The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and the Leadership Conference Education Fund, American­Arab Anti­Discrimination Committee, AARP, Anti­Defamation League, Advancement Project, American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, American Jewish Committee, The Center for American Progress, Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Racial Justice, Church Women United, Common Cause, Dēmos, The Fair Elections Legal Network, The Hip Hop Caucus, The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights­San Francisco Bay Area, The League of Women Voters, National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education, The National Association of Social Workers, National Black Law Students Association, National Council of Jewish Women, National Education

Association, National Urban League, Project Vote, Public Advocates, Inc., Service Employees

International Union, Southern Poverty Law Center, and Union for Reform Judaism

19. Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement – Hollis Watkins, Jesse Harris, Bob Moses, Owen Herman Brooks, Ellen Lake, Willie Edward Blue, Dr. Leslie Burl McLemore

20. City of New York, Council of the City of New York, Michael R. Bloomberg, in his capacity as Mayor of the City of New York, and Christine C. Quinn, in her official capacity as Speaker of the Council of the City of New York

21. Political Science and Law Professors – Kareem Crayton, Matthew Barreto, Luis Fraga, Jane Trum, Terry Smith and Janelle Wong

22. Senator Majority Leader Harry M. Reid

23. Alabama Legislative Black Caucus and Alabama Association of Black County Officials

24. South Carolina Elected Officials and Photo ID Intervenors – Sen. C. Bradley Hutto, Sen.

Gerald Malloy, Sen. John L. Scott, Jr., Rep. Gilda Cobb­Hunter, and The League of Women

Voters of South Carolina

25. National Bar Association

26. American Bar Association

27. National Lawyers Guild

28. National Asian American Organizations ­ Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, Asian American Justice Center, Alliance of South Asian Labor, Asian Citizens for Justice/Asian Center for Justice, Asian American Bar Association of the Greater Bay Area, Asian American Insitute, Asian Law Alliance, Asian Law Caucus, Asian Pacific American Legal Center,   Asian Pacific American Legal Resource Center, Asian PAcific American Network of Oregon, Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forun, Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote ­ Michigan, Asian Services in Action, INC., Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations, Center for Pan Asian Community Services, Inc., Chinese for Affirmative Action, Chinese Progressive Association, Hmong American Partnership, Japanese American Citizens League, Korean Americans for Political Advancement, Minkwon Center for Community Action, National Asian Pacific American Bar Association, OCA, Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund, South Asian Americans Leading Together, South Asian Bar Association of Northern California, Southeast Asia Resource Action Center

Amicus Brief Filed in Support of Neither Party

1.          Merced County, California

Read amici briefs filed in support of Shelby County.

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