DC Circuit Reverses in Van Hollen Case, Reinstates Weak Disclosure Rules for the Remainder of the Election

You can find the unanimous opinion of the DC Circuit here.

See this story from the LA Times: “The panel chided the FEC for not clearly dealing with the changes in the law or defending its stance in court. But with the FEC locked in partisan gridlock, it remains unclear whether the six commissioners will be able to come to agreement on how to proceed.”

More from National Journal, Politico, Roll Call, The Hill, AP, Huffington Post, Bloomberg BNA.

See the statements by Fred Wertheimer, Sunlight, CLC, Steve Hoersting, Center for Competitive Politics.

Given the IRS’s failure to show new desire to enforce limits on 501(c)(4) rules, and the apparent workaround these groups have achieved through the use of “express advocacy,” it is not clear how much of a difference this ruling will make at this point.

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