“Super PACs bring ‘nuclear’ power to presidential races”

Orange County Register:

The Orange County Register analyzed Federal Elections Commission data, combining contributions for the two official committees and the two super PACs, through June 30. We found:

  • 24 people have given $1 million or more — 200 times the official limit — to one of the presidential super PACs, 10 to the Obama group and 14 to Romney’s group.
  • About 23 percent of the money flowing to Romney, $44 million, has come in donations of $50,000 or greater. Just 5 percent of Obama’s donations are that large.

Obama is still dependent on his traditional base of small donors. Just over half of his money comes from small, unitemized donations of $200 or less. About 13 percent of Romney’s money is unitemized.

Roughly a third of Romney’s total take has flowed to his super PAC. Obama has gotten 94 percent of his money from his official committee, where donations are strictly limited. That implies Obama’s current financial lead will disappear soon and that Romney ultimately will outspend him.


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