“It’s Not Just Citizens United”

Alan Morrison blogs at the Huffington Post.Given Alan’s position, I find his litigation seeking to weaken campaign finance law further to be odd.

Alan also proposes a constitutional amendment to overturn CU: “For those who think that our election system is fundamentally on the wrong track, the only option is to amend the Constitution to allow Congress and the states to do what is necessary to restore some level of sanity to campaign finance rules. I propose a simple amendment: ‘Congress (and the States) shall have the power to make all laws reasonably necessary to regulate the financing of elections, and no court shall overturn any such law on the ground that it violates the First Amendment.’ I love the First Amendment and rely on it often. But it is not the only value in the Constitution, and it should not be allowed to trump every other part when it comes to protecting our basic democratic system.”


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