“How Urgent is the Section 5 Issue?”

SCOTUSBlog: “Three days after Christmas, attorneys for a group of opponents of Section 5, who live in the small community of Kinston in eastern North Carolina (population about 24,000), urged the D.C. Circuit to take unusual steps to decide their case in close tandem with an already pending challenge there from Shelby County, Alabama.   The Kinston lawyers even offered to forfeit the usual opportunity for an oral argument, if that would move the case along.”

The end of the post speculates as to how one of these cases challenging the constitutionality of Section 5 of the VRA could conceivably get before the Supreme Court at the end of this term.  As I suggested in my recent Slate piece, a case out of South Carolina, not even filed, may be a more likely candidate for such an expedited schedule.

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