First Amendment Stories

Rick Garnett blogs:

Shamelessness ahead:  First Amendment Stories (Foundation 2011), edited by Andrew Koppelman and some guy named Garnett, is out and available.  Buy yours today, here.  It would make a wonderful ____ gift for, well, anyone.  The stories of 17 of the Court’s most interesting and important free-speech and religious-freedom cases and controversies — from the Sedition Act to the Ten Commandments and football-prayer and lots of ones in between — are explored in depth by a diverse group of First Amendment scholars, including Prawfs’ own Paul Horwitz and guest-blogger Scott Moss.  As Larry Solum might say:  “Highly recommended” and “[buy] it [whether or not] it’s hot”!

I have a chapter in the book on the Nine Lives of Buckley v. Valeo.

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