Now Florida Gets into the Act of Claiming that Voting Rights Act Section 5 is Unconstitutional

First amended complaint:”Alternatively, the State of Florida seeks a declaratory judgment that the preclearance obligation of Section 5 and the coverage formula of Section 4(b) of the VRA, 42 U.S.C. § 1973b(b), are unconstitutional, as well as a permanent injunction enjoining their enforcement. Subjecting Florida counties and other jurisdictions covered exclusively under the language minority provisions of the VRA to preclearance is not a rational, congruent, or proportional means of enforcing the Fourteenth and/or Fifteenth Amendments and violates the Tenth Amendment and Article IV of the U.S. Constitution.”

Florida joins Arizona, Shelby County, Alabama, and voters in Kinston, N.C. in making this argument.

Via the News Service of Florida.

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