Was I Right After All About Democrats’ Support for Colbert Draft A?/Majority Super PAC Ruling

Following up on this and this, someone at the hearing just emailed me to say that the Democratic Commissioners supported Colbert Draft A as it was, and that the Republican Commissioners were the ones who needed the changes that came in the draft last night.

The revised draft passed.  Sean Parnell further reports a 6-0 vote on the Majority PAC superpac issue.  The soft money loophole sought by Bopp defeated.

More to come.

UPDATE: A source tells me the following about the Colbert draft: Draft A always had the support of 5 commissioners, but there were continuing negotiations over some minor language changes in the final document, including those proposed as part of the amendments that were voted on at the table. Draft A was never a “Democratic” or “Republican” draft.


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