Cert. Denied in Green Party Case

The Supreme Court this morning denied cert in the Green Party case, raising questions about the constitutionality of the public financing plan in Connecticut.  It was unclear whether there would be a cert. denial in this case or a GVR (grant, vacate, and remand) in light of the Arizona Free Enterprise case.  Here is the link to the SCOTUSBLOG materials:

Title: Green Party of Connecticut v. Lenge (held after 3/25 Conference, possibly for Arizona Free Enterprise Club v. Bennett, 10-238, and McComish v. Bennett, 10-239).
Docket: 10-795
Issue(s): Whether Connecticut’s campaign finance law discriminates against minor-party candidates by imposing onerous qualifying requirements and including a trigger provision that provides a major-party opponent with an offsetting grant when a minor-party opponent reaches a threshold level of contributions.

Certiorari stage documents:



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