Biden’s Plan to Run Out the Clock

NYT’s analysis finds that time is on the President’s side, in his effort to resist pressure to step aside. As noted here, he’s aided by the DNC’s plan to have a pre-convention “virtual roll call,” originally hatched to address the Ohio ballot access problem. That would mean that the deadline for replacing him isn’t August 22, when Biden is scheduled to accept the nomination, but an earlier date TBD:

The scheduling of the virtual roll call is a clear example of how the party is moving to add to the perception of Mr. Biden’s perceived inevitability.

The Democrats initially made plans to hold the earlier vote because an Ohio law required the party’s candidates to be formalized by Aug. 7, or they would forfeit their place on the state’s ballot.

Ohio officials have since passed a temporary measure moving the deadline to accommodate the timing of the Democratic convention this year. But the D.N.C., solidly under Mr. Biden’s control, says it is sticking to its plans for an early roll call vote, to guard against any maneuvers by Ohio Republicans to keep the Democratic presidential candidate off the November ballot. . . .

Even [James] Carville, one of the earliest Democrats to call on Mr. Biden not to seek re-election, seems resigned to that. “You know how bad Chicago is going to be?” he said, referring to the convention that awaits his party next month. “We are going to sit shiva for four days.”

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