“Kentucky Supreme Court disqualifies Kulkarni in state House race”

Ooooof.  An incumbent Democratic state representative was disqualified, because candidacy papers had to be witnessed by two Democrats … but one witness was registered as a Republican and changed her registration after the deadline.  (The representative testified that she thought both witnesses were Democrats.) 

That was the pre-election decision by the state court of appeals, but the courts allowed her to compete in the primary as her case went up to the state supreme court — and in the primary, she shellacked her opponent.  Then the state supreme court affirmed the disqualification.  There was no opposition for the general election.  And now, with no qualified candidate, there will likely have to be a special election, but there are apparently limitations on the incumbent’s ability to compete in that election not that she’s been disqualified. 

Hard to see how any of this serves the voters of the district.

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