“Sen. Tim Scott dodges on whether he would accept 2024 election results”

NBC News:

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott on Sunday did not directly answer multiple questions about whether he’d accept the results of the 2024 presidential election, regardless of who wins.

“At the end of the day, the 47th president of the United States will be President Donald Trump,” Scott, a Republican, said the first time he was directly asked whether he would commit to accepting the election results on NBC News’ “Meet the Press.”

Asked again by moderator Kristen Welker to answer, “Yes or no?” to the original question, Scott simply said, “That is my statement.”

Pressed a third time to answer the question, Scott said, “I look forward to President Trump being the 47th president — the American people will make the decision.”

Earlier this month, Trump himself told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he would only accept the results of the presidential election in Wisconsin “if everything’s honest.”

“If everything’s honest, I’d gladly accept the results,” he said, adding, “If it’s not, you have to fight for the right of the country.”

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