“Despite vote count, Nebraska lawmakers begin debate of winner-take-all election system”

Lincoln Journal-Star:

Nebraska lawmakers briefly started — and then stopped — debate Wednesday on legislation that would replace the state’s unique system for presidential elections with the winner-take-all model deployed in 48 other states.

Sen. Julie Slama of Dunbar filed an amendment Wednesday to an unrelated bill that, if approved and made law, would eliminate the state’s system for presidential elections that allowed Joe Biden and Barack Obama to each pick up a single electoral vote in the state in 2020 and 2008, respectively.

The move came one day after former President Donald Trump and Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen called on Republican lawmakers in the state’s formally nonpartisan Legislature to pass legislation returning Nebraska to a winner-take-all system….

[McDonnell’s] opposition combined with the political realities of the 49-member Legislature — made up of 32 other Republicans, 15 registered Democrats and one nonpartisan progressive — suggests the legislation still does not have enough to support to overcome the filibuster it will inevitably face, one that looms with six days left in this year’s legislative session.

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