“‘Start the Steal’: Trump Once Again Planning to Overturn an Election”

The Bulwark:

HERE IS A PLAN AFOOT to overturn the results of the November election, and for both parties it is fast becoming a major concern. The scheme is being hatched by Republicans on behalf of Donald Trump, who seeks to steal the election if Joe Biden defeats him again. The Biden campaign and an army of lawyers are working to thwart it.

Trump can win on November 5, and polls show he likely would if the election were held today. But if Biden defeats him, the man who would trample the country for his ego can be expected to use even more extreme means than he did last time to flip the result—because he’s trying to stay out of jail.

Trump will declare victory on election night before all the votes are counted, as he did in 2020—and as we know he had planned before election night.

What happens next, depending on how many complicit Republicans aid Trump and his lieutenants in battleground states, could take the nation to dangerous new territory.

Should Biden prevail, Trump will claim the results were tainted—by mail-in voting, machine voting, machine counting, ballot harvesting, corrupt election officials, liberal cities, and illegal immigrants.

The Biden campaign and the Democratic National Committee have been working on an upgraded version of plans they made before November 2020. In anticipation of every nightmarish contingency, squadrons of lawyers are already drawing up the necessary legal filings to avert what they expect will be an all-out assault on the election.

Trump won’t be president this time, and lacks the power of the federal government, so his best path to stealing an election is through the states, before the question comes to Congress on January 6, 2025….

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