Breaking: Supreme Court Will Hear Trump’s Challenge to Disqualification in Colorado on Expedited Schedule; Oral Argument Feb. 8: What It Means

You can find the Court’s order granting cert. and expediting the case at this link.

The cert. grant and expediting of time was expected, given the national importance of this issue and in particular of removing a major candidate from the ballot on grounds that are novel and mostly untested in modern times.

I’m more surprised that the Court did not better focus the questions to be briefed. Trump’s question presented is a blob of a question on disqualification. The challengers to Trump had written 7 questions presented in the alternative. In the Colorado challenge, which does not seem to have been granted by this order, they raised three questions, which somewhat overlap with Trump’s claims.

This seems like it could be a free-for-all in arguments and briefing. I take the failure to hone it down due to lack of consensus on the court or time for there to be serious research on these issues.

Buckle up; it’s going to be a wild ride from here on out.

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