“Voter advocates, conservative activists brace for 2024 election showdown”


A year before voters choose the next U.S. president, groups of all stripes are already working to prepare for what they see as the greatest threat to the 2024 election: attacks on voters’ rights for some, potential electoral fraud for others.

A coalition of non-partisan voter advocacy groups is planning to recruit its biggest-ever “election protection” pool of volunteers – more than 20,000 – to answer voters’ questions, help poll workers handle problems and bring in legal assistance where needed.

Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee said it aims to train tens of thousands of poll watchers who can be deployed in 2024, and has launched a full-time “Election Integrity Department” that has hired more than 15 staff across the United States.

The committee said these steps would be independent of the campaign of former President Donald Trump, the frontrunner for the party’s nomination to run against Democratic President Joe Biden.

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