Top Recent Downloads in Election Law on SSRN


1.Moore and Partisan Gerrymandering
Manoj Mate
DePaul University – College of Law
Date Posted: 27 Oct 2023
Last Revised: 27 Oct 2023
2.Abuse of Discretion: The U.S. Supreme Court’s Indefensible Use of Evidence in Election Law Cases
Richard L. Hasen
UCLA School of Law
Date Posted: 09 Nov 2023
Last Revised: 28 Nov 2023
3.Is Donald Trump Eligible to Run For President? Review of Two Scholarly Papers
Peter J. Wallison
American Enterprise Institute (AEI)
Date Posted: 02 Nov 2023
Last Revised: 02 Nov 2023
4.Is There Anything Left in the Fight Against Partisan Gerrymandering? Congressional Redistricting Commissions and the “Independent State Legislature Theory”
Jose Urteaga and Derek Zeigler
University of Michigan Law and University of Michigan Law School, Law School
Date Posted: 24 Oct 2023
Last Revised: 24 Oct 2023
5.The Insurrectionist Playbook: Jair Bolsonaro and the National Congress of Brazil
Marco T. BastosMarco T. Bastos and Raquel Recuero
University College Dublin and Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
Date Posted: 09 Nov 2023
Last Revised: 09 Nov 2023
6.Voting Machines: Friend or Foe?
Charles Stewart III
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – Department of Political ScienceDate Posted: 18 Nov 2023
Last Revised: 30 Nov 2023
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