Out Today: The Paperback Edition of Cheap Speech

I’m pleased to share that the paperback edition of Cheap Speech is out today, and it seems more relevant than ever with concerns about generative AI’s potential for creating deep fakes affecting elections:

An informed and practical road map for controlling disinformation, embracing free speech, saving American elections, and protecting democracy
“Hasen puts forth a number of solid recommendations on how to combat disinformation.”—Richard Stengel, New York Times
“Hasen has written an extraordinary, thorough and fair examination of the impact of misinformation on democracy.”—Jeff Kosseff, Lawfare
What can be done consistent with the First Amendment to ensure that American voters can make informed election decisions and hold free elections amid a flood of virally spread disinformation and the collapse of local news reporting? How should American society counter the actions of people like former President Donald J. Trump, who used social media to convince millions of his followers to doubt the integrity of U.S. elections and helped foment a violent insurrection? What can we do to minimize disinformation campaigns aimed at suppressing voter turnout?
With piercing insight into the current debates over free speech, censorship, and Big Tech’s responsibilities, Richard L. Hasen proposes legal and social measures to restore Americans’ access to reliable information on which democracy depends. In an era when quack COVID treatments and bizarre QAnon theories have entered mainstream, this book explains how to assure both freedom of ideas and a commitment to truth.

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