“The numbers behind Trump’s confidence the Jan. 6 indictment won’t matter”

Politico dives into GOP opinion on January 6:

The most common sentiment from Republican voters about Jan. 6, 2021, isn’t that it was an assault on democracy or that Donald Trump is the true winner of the 2020 election.

It’s that they are over it….

As a POLITICO/Morning Consult poll from late December showed: 73 percent of Republicans agreed that there has been too much focus on Jan. 6….

[O]nly 16 percent of GOP voters said the events of Jan. 6 would have “a major impact” on their vote in the 2024 presidential election. That could, however, include the small-but-real cadre of Republicans who approve of the attack on the Capitol and supported Trump’s efforts to remain president despite losing the election.

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