Georgia Supreme Court Rejects Trump’s Attempt to Scuttle Election Interference Investigation

You can find the unanimous five-page order here. The former president petitioned Georgia’s high court for writs of mandamus and prohibition to quash the special grand jury report, prevent Fulton County D.A. Willis from introducing evidence from it, and disqualify her from any further proceedings involving him. Key points:

[Trump] makes no showing that he has been prevented fair access to the ordinary channels. Notably, Petitioner does not assert that the superior court has denied him the opportunity or ability to seek therein the relief he now requests from this Court… [H]e is asking this Court to step in and itself decide the motions currently pending in the superior court. This is not the sort of relief that this Court affords, at least absent extraordinary circumstances that Petitioner has not shown are present here….

Moreover, even if the petition were procedurally appropriate, Petitioner has not shown that he would be entitled to the relief he seeks…. [T]his Court has held that, even where a defendant had established that a special purpose grand jury acted illegally, neither dismissal of the subsequent indictment nor suppression of the evidence was the proper remedy for the grand jury’s overreach because no violation of defendant’s constitutional rights and no structural defect in the grand jury process occurred…. And, with regard to Petitioner’s request to disqualify Willis from representing any party in any and all proceedings involving him, we note only that Petitioner has not presented in his original petition either the facts or the law necessary to mandate Willis’s disqualification by this Court at this time on this record. For these additional reasons, Petitioner has not shown that this case presents one of those extremely rare circumstances in which this Court’s original jurisdiction should be invoked, and therefore, the petition is dismissed.

You can find coverage in Politico, WaPo, and NYT.

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