On “That Trippi Show” with Joe Trippi: “The biggest bullet dodged in the history of democracy” with Rick Hasen

Joe Trippi podcast:

Was the Supreme Court decision in Moore v. Harper a big win – or a bullet dodged? UCLA law professor Rick Hasen rejoins Joe and Alex to discuss the implications of what looks like a big win for democracy — but how could it be a time bomb? Rick gets into how this decision winds all the way back to Bush v. Gore in 2000. Also -what are the implications for the 2024 map? Finally – what about the good news from this? Why is Rick optimistic? And what can everyday Americans do to keep the Court accountable? Read Rick’s latest piece in Slate here: https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2023/06/supreme-court-voting-moore-v-harper-time-bomb.html And get the latest from Rick at electionlawblog.org.

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