Checking in on the status of the National Popular Vote Compact–Nevada, Minnesota, Michigan

No state has joined the National Popular Vote Compact since 2019, which now sits at 195 electoral votes’ worth of states who’ve joined on (down a touch since 2019 due to congressional reapportionment). It needs 75 more electoral votes’ worth of states before it would take effect.

It’s made some progress this legislative season, however (though not enough to make it effective for 2024). Both chambers of the Nevada (6 electoral votes) legislature (6 electoral votes) have approved AJR6 this session. This one is styled as a state constitutional amendment, so it will need to pass another legislative session, then go to the people for approval in 2026. (More from the Nevada Current.)

The Minnesota (10 electoral votes) Senate has approved the NPV as part of an omnibus elections bill, SF 1362. But the more likely vehicle is HF 1830 out of a conference committee report. That bill seems poised to pass in the very near future.

And Michigan (15 electoral votes), with a new Democratic-majority this year, has bills in elections committees in each chamber and may have an opening for passage for the first time.

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