AALS Conference on Defending Democracy

The Association of American Law Schools has announced a virtual Conference on Defending Democracy, May 4 from 11am-4pm ET:

The Conference will consist of three panels focusing on the following topics: 1) the State of the Union three years following the January 6 insurrection; 2) the role legal education plays in defending democracy; 3) and identifying the challenges to our democracy that are specifically rooted in Election Law.

It’s a star-studded event: Dean Mark Alexander, AALS President and host for the day, will be moderating the first panel with Deans Kevin Johnson, Kimberly Mutcherson, and Andrew Perlman; Dean Erwin Chemerinsky will be moderating the second panel with Dean Danielle Conway, Dean Anthony Crowell, Prof. Kate Shaw, and Dean Dan Tokaji; and I’ll be trying not to embarrass myself moderating the third panel with Prof. Guy-Uriel Charles, Prof. Franita Tolson, and FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub.

Hope you can join us! More information, including a link to register, here.

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