Tennessee House Expels Two Members Over Gun Reform Protest

There were three expulsion resolutions pending Thursday morning, based on three members (Justin Pearson, Justin Jones, and Gloria Johnson) leading gun violence reformers in a protest from the floor of the House chamber after they hadn’t otherwise been recognized to speak on the issue.  (Before today, since the Civil War, one representative found guilty of accepting a bribe was expelled on a 92-1 bipartisan vote in 1980, and another was expelled over multiple allegations of sexual misconduct on a 70-2 bipartisan vote in 2016.)

Thursday afternoon, the House voted to expel the Justins (Jones and Pearson), at least in Jones’ case on party lines; the vote to expel Johnson failed narrowly.  Jones is 27, black, male, and newly elected in 2023; Pearson is 28, black, male, and also newly elected in 2023.  Johnson is 60, white, female, and held office from 2013-15 and from 2019 on.

It appears that legislators expelled from the Tennessee House are not precluded from running again for office. 

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