“Georgia GOP finances legal fees for fake electors”


The Georgia GOP spent more than $200,000 last year to bankroll the legal fees of phony Republican electors who could face criminal charges amid Fulton County’s probe of whether Donald Trump and his allies committed crimes while trying to overturn his 2020 defeat.

Newly released campaign disclosures show that at least $220,000 went to law firms that represented many of the GOP electors. In all, the records show the party spent at least overall $290,000 in legal expenses in 2022, compared to about $90,000 in 2021.

The financial arrangement came into clearer focus last week when Georgia GOP chair David Shafer, one of the 16 fake electors, announced he wouldn’t seek another term and praised the party’s executive committee for agreeing to float the legal fees in his farewell dispatch.

“I have raised the money to honor that commitment,” he wrote in a note to activists, “so that none of them have had to pay a penny out of pocket.”

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