Republican New York Election Commissioner Will Plead Guilty to Illegal “Ballot Harvesting”

Times Union:

Jason T. Schofield, Rensselaer County’s Republican elections commissioner, is scheduled to plead guilty to federal criminal charges in January in connection with an ongoing investigation of voter fraud by the U.S. Department of Justice.

“He is scheduled for a change of plea and with his change of plea he will be resigning from his position,” Danielle Neroni, Schofield’s attorney, said Wednesday.

Schofield’s scheduled guilty plea to felony charges on Jan. 11 would mark the second conviction in the federal investigation that’s being spearheaded by the FBI and has focused on the harvesting of absentee ballots in elections over the past two years. A source close to the case said Schofield’s plea agreement includes a pledge to cooperate in the wide-ranging investigation that has also examined the use of county resources and employees to gather absentee ballots.

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