“Cochise County Board of Supervisors votes to delay certification of election results”

That’s the lede from the Arizona Republic. On the heels of the failed Otero County, New Mexico effort to block certification last summer, which resulted in a mandamus action followed by swift obedience, this effort in Arizona seems doomed to fail. Like many states, Arizona has a state-law equivalent of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 70, which would allows a court to order another party “to perform any other specific act” if the Cochise County Board of Supervises refuses to comply with the court order. And the Arizona Supreme Court has original jurisdiction over mandamus actions, which means a case could be quickly filed and resolved there without need for layers of appeal. (Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is likely to file a mandamus action shortly.) And there’s no secret trick to throwing out the county’s votes. If the secretary of state fails to receive a county’s results in a timely fashion, final certification is simply postponed under state law. That allows adequate time for judicial resolution.

Jen Fifield has more at Votebeat.

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