“Michigan GOP leader: Bid to probe 2022 election a ‘shameless’ stunt”

Bridge Michigan:

House Speaker Jason Wentworth has shot down an effort by fellow Michigan Republicans to investigate the 2022 election, calling it “a shameless and half-baked political stunt.”

In a letter first reported by The Detroit News, Rep. Steve Carra, R-Three Rivers, asked Wentworth to give a commission the subpoena power needed to investigate the election. 

“Mr. Speaker, we have a choice to make: either we accept the alleged outcome and move on, or we investigate why the majority of Americans, according to a November 14, 2022, Rasmussen poll, have lost faith in our elections to some degree,” Carra wrote in his letter….

Wentworth wrote in a Friday email responding to Carra that the Legislature cannot use “subpoenas to conduct a general fishing expedition,” The Detroit News reported.

“They need to be targeted,” the email says. “Given that, what are the details of every 2022 election-fraud incident you and these members are aware of?”

Additionally, Wentworth told Carra lawmakers should not be “in the business of authorizing pop psychology opinion surveys.”

“Suppose over half of Michiganders surveyed said they distrusted your motives in sending your Nov. 17 letter — that is, they believed this is a shameless and half-baked political stunt performed on state time and solely calculated to inflame an already troubled section of our party,” he said in the response. 

“Do you think that would justify the Legislature subpoenaing you? Don’t you think it’s bad practice to justify legislative subpoenas based on opinion surveys?”

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