Will Democrats Put Electoral Count Act Reform Up for a Vote Before the Midterm Elections? Seems Quite Uncertain


There’s a host of questions facing congressional leaders, in addition to voting on marriage equality, like capping insulin costs, how to approve energy permitting reform sought by Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), and what strategy to use on funding the government. There’s also the question of whether the Senate will slash its October session.

Collins would like to see pre-election consideration of Electoral Count Act reform, an effort aimed at preventing another Jan. 6. For now, Democrats are committed to little other than confirming judges and funding the government after a surprisingly fruitful summer session of legislating on firearm access, climate and taxes, microchip manufacturing and veterans’ benefits….

The Senate is scheduled to be in session for two weeks in October, but it’s possible that Schumer cancels part of the session to allow incumbents to campaign back home in Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, New Hampshire and Colorado.House Democrats, too, are looking to limit their time in the Capitol during prime campaign season.

That could push a host of issues into December, from finishing a bipartisan spending deal to Electoral Count Act reform to the National Defense Authorization Act. And if Democrats lose the Senate, they will be under immense pressure to confirm as many lifetime judges as possible.

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