Princeton University Finds Allegations of Misconduct Against Princeton Gerrymandering Project’s Sam Wang to Be “Without Merit,” Closes Investigations

Last spring the New Jersey Globe raised allegations against Sam Wang, including allegations of misreporting data used in redistricting in New Jersey. As the Daily Princetonian noted at the time: “The New Jersey Globe is edited by David Wildstein, also the author of the April 28 reporting, who prior to his current role at the news outlet was a Republican Party operative in the state. In July 2017, Wildstein was sentenced to probation for in part orchestrating the gridlock on the George Washington Bridge, widely known as the “Bridgegate” scheme associated with former Gov. Chris Christie.”

The allegations of research misconduct were serious against Sam, and were subject to a months-long investigation by Princeton, which has now found the allegations meritless. According to Princeton University spokesperson Michael Hotchkiss: “Dr. Sam Wang is a tenured professor of neuroscience at Princeton University. Following the procedures outlined in the Rules and Procedures of the Faculty of Princeton University, an ad hoc committee of the University’s Faculty carefully reviewed the allegations of research misconduct lodged against Dr. Wang, and found those allegations to be without merit.  The Dean of the Faculty has accepted the committee’s findings, and the matter is now considered closed. Any other investigations involving Dr. Wang have been completed and closed with no findings of policy violations.”

No word yet on whether Wang will pursue legal action against the New Jersey Globe or Wildstein.

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