“LexisNexis Launches New Voting Law Resource to Provide a Transparent Overview of the U.S. Election Landscape”


 LexisNexis® Legal & Professional and the LexisNexis® Rule of Law Foundation today announced the launch of the LexisNexis® U.S. Voting Laws & Legislation Center. The initial release of the tool provides free, public access to a curated and expanding collection of U.S. federal and state election and voting laws, including proposed legislation, codes, voting related information, and graphics.

Leveraging legislative data from State Net® and codes from Lexis+®, the U.S. Voting Laws & Legislation Center provides full-text access and near real-time updates to existing and proposed state and federal laws, presenting law makers, journalists, non-profit organizations, legal professionals, academics, students and the general public with timely, fact-based, unbiased records of voting and election laws.

For proposed legislation, an interactive heat map of the U.S. highlights proposed legislation across all 50 states, with 10 issue-based filters, such as early voting, to help researchers expedite and narrow down their search. For existing, enacted legislation, the Voting Center lets users compare data in table form across different states on issues such as no excuse absentee voting. . . .

This looks to be a pretty useful resource. Here’s the link: https://www.lexisnexisrolfoundation.org/voting-laws.aspx#/votinglaw/landing Among other things, “The Center provides full-text access and near real-time updates to more than 20,000 existing state and federal voting laws and more than 2,000 proposed bills, with interactive data visualizations, customizable, sharable and downloadable research content, and select news coverage from several LexisNexis resources. “

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