“Take Me Out to the… Voting Booth!”

Josh Douglas has this comment in Washington Monthly, combining his twin loves of baseball and voting:

It’s hard to run an election in normal times, let alone during a global pandemic and in a period of extreme political polarization. The need to innovate in 2020, however, created some good news: Americans love voting at stadiums almost as much as they love the teams that play there. Sports stadiums or arenas are an ideal location to house in-person voting. We should expand their use and encourage teams to create a festive atmosphere while voting is taking place.

Those are some of the main takeaways of an important new report by scholars from five institutions and supported by the Civic Responsibility Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping business leaders and other nonprofits expand civic engagement. The authors—experts in democracy reform—studied the use of sports stadiums in 2020 and came to a significant conclusion: Virtually everyone loves them. (Disclosure: I consulted on the project.)

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