“Corporate PACs contributed over a million dollars to lawmakers who opposed abortion rights bill”

From Open Secrets:

Corporate PACs of companies that committed to covering travel expenses related to abortion have contributed more than $1.62 million in the 2022 election cycle to 139 Republicans and two Democrats who voted against the Women’s Health Protection Act – a Democratic-led bill that would have effectively codified a constitutional right to abortion had it been passed, according to data compiled by OpenSecrets….

PricewaterhouseCoopers tops the list of 41 companies in terms of PAC giving – with $410,000 in total contributions to 192 current members of Congress. This includes 18 of them receiving at least $5,000 each….

The story behind company political spending enabling the attack on abortion is much broader than corporate PAC spending alone, according to Bruce F. Freed, president of Center for Political Accountability

“Companies today are finding great pressure from employees, customers, consumers and also from investors to have their election-related spending aligned with their policies and core values,” Freed told OpenSecrets, emphasizing that companies are currently under heavy scrutiny and run the risk of being seen as hypocritical.

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