David Purdue Won’t Commit to Accepting Tonight’s Election Results

And it went downhill from there according to AJC’s “The Jolt:”

His final major campaign stop before Tuesday’s primary was not a mega-rally in exurban Georgia or a gathering with his closest friends and supporters in his middle Georgia hometown. 

Instead, it was a suburban Wild Wing Cafe in Dunwoody where he piggybacked off far-right radio host John Fredericks’ tour promoting Donald Trump’s fake election conspiracies. 

The event started with a combative press conference in the eatery’s outdoor patio, where Perdue sparred with reporters over whether Trump is distancing himself from his endorsement, criticizing an NBC News journalist for refusing to retract a recent article. 

He called polls showing him trailing Kemp by wide margins “full of crap” and claimed that media outlets, including Fox News, were tailoring their results against his supporters. And he said he wouldn’t necessarily accept the results of the election. 

“Depends on if there’s fraud or not,” Perdue said. 

But it was his follow-up interview with Fredericks from the stage that brought his teetering campaign to new depths. 

He accused Stacey Abrams, who would be the first Black governor in Georgia history, of “demeaning her own race” when describing the state’s economic problems. 

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