In Georgia Poll of Republican Primary Voters, Trump “Big Lie” Endorser Jody Hice Has Nearly 2:1 Lead Over Georgia SOS Brad Raffesperger, Who Stood Up to Trump’s Attempt to Overturn 2020 Election Results; Dangers of Election Subversion Ahead

Landmark poll:

Victories for Big Lie proponents would be very dangerous for democracy, for reasons I describe in my recent article in the Harvard Law Review Forum:

Elections are already administered in many places by partisan actors who are elected or appointed as Democrats or Republicans, but there has been no evidence of such officials directly manipulating vote totals in federal elections since the 1960s. The new risk is that election officials who have embraced the false claims of a stolen election in 2020 will manipulate election results in a misguided effort to “even the score.” Embracing such claims demonstrates a lack of credibility and seriousness of election administration. There is no room for debate about the overall integrity of the 2020 election vote count, and someone who claims there is or who says they are “just asking questions” about the vote counts cannot be trusted to administer a fair election.

And, as I argue in Cheap Speech, even if those who have embraced false claims of a 2020 election administer the 2024 elections fairly, there’s a huge risk of undermining voter confidence on the left (as it has already been undermined on the right). Why would Democrats believe Hice if he reports that Trump has won Georgia in 2024, given his false claims about Trump winning Georgia in 2020?

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