“The lawyer who helped Pence stand up to Trump is still concerned for democracy.”


Mr. Luttig, whom George W. Bush considered to become chief justice of the United States Supreme Court, found Mr. Eastman’s arguments preposterous and publicly said that Mr. Pence had no choice. Ultimately, Mr. Pence cited Mr. Luttig in a letter he released on Jan. 6 explaining why he was not standing in Congress’s way as lawmakers certified the results. A day after the Capitol attack, Mr. Pence called Mr. Luttig to thank him.

A year later, Mr. Luttig said that he had never been more concerned about the direction of the country’s democracy. “I was gravely worried for our country last Jan. 6,” Mr. Luttig said in an email. “A year later, I am even more worried, fearful of the peril that lies ahead for America. We are at an historic inflection point as to who we are and who we are going to be as a nation. History is watching and anxiously awaiting our decision.”

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