“‘Results were meaningless’: Analysts say they cannot validate or replicate Cyber Ninjas’ hand count of votes”

Arizona Republic:

Cyber Ninjas’ hand count of votes cast in Maricopa County’s 2020 election can neither be validated nor replicated, according to analysts who waded through tens of thousands of newly released records.

They say the numbers reported by the Florida-based firm hired by the Senate to lead the partisan audit are wildly inaccurate and stand as proof “the results” were made up.

“They (Cyber Ninjas) were not able to accurately hand count either the number of ballots cast … or the votes on those ballots,” a trio of nationally recognized election experts concluded in a Nov. 15 report. “They spent about $9 million over 7 months, so far, and have proven absolutely nothing.”

Cyber Ninjas’ claim that its count showed Biden gained 99 votes and Trump lost 261 votes in the recount is without foundation, according to the analysts.

The firm counted damaged ballots, mixed original ballots with duplicates and used untested methods designed to give the hand count — and the audit — unearned credibility, the analysts said. 

“It caused them to never actually audit the election results but rather to attempt to create a new result that the public would accept,” said Benny White, a prominent Pima County Republican and data analyst. 

“Unfortunately, the procedures they followed and the records they kept and relied on to announce results were so erroneous that nothing they reported could be relied on by the public,” he said.

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