“Republican elections commissioner in crosshairs over case of rogue Electoral College slate”

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

At least some state elections commissioners are trying to kick one of their colleagues off a case over a rogue slate of Electoral College members that Republicans put together after last year’s presidential election.

Details of the situation spilled out Wednesday during a brief public meeting before the Wisconsin Elections Commission went into closed session. 

The dispute centers on the decision of Republicans to try to establish their own set of alternative presidential electors to support Donald Trump after Joe Biden narrowly defeated him in Wisconsin. 

Soon afterward, the state arm of the Service Employees International Union filed a complaint with the Elections Commission alleging the Republicans committed fraud by falsely acting as public officers and forging official-looking documents.

Elections Commissioner Bob Spindell was among the 10 Republicans who signed paperwork claiming to be a presidential elector.

The union asked Spindell to step aside from the case because some of the allegations are against him. 

Spindell on Wednesday made clear he wouldn’t step aside and contended other commissioners are trying to force him off the case. The commission consists of three Republicans and three Democrats.

Spindell said the Republican group met to try to improve Trump’s chances in lawsuits over his election loss. 

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