Rather Than Affirmatively Condemn John Eastman for Trying to Steal the Election, the Federalist Society “Slow-Rolled” His Departure So As to Not Look Pressured (According to David Lat)

David Lat:

I can also confirm that, as recently discussed on Twitter, Eastman is no longer the chair of the Federalism and Separation of Powers practice group of the Federalist Society, the powerful organization of conservative and libertarian lawyers. As a source familiar with the situation told me, his departure “was vaguely in the works last fall, just a new-blood thing because Eastman is basically retired.” But after January 6, “FedSoc didn’t want to look like they were reacting to pressure, so they slow-rolled it.” (Shortly after Eastman’s involvement in the events of January 6, I called for him to be removed from his leadership role within FedSoc, so I’m glad to see that it finally happened.)

So rather than the Federalist Society make an affirmative statement that they were rejecting Eastman from their leadership because he helped foment a coup, they stalled things so that it would not appear that they were rejecting him for fomenting a coup. Very sad.

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